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M109A6 Paladin  
Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 1994
Total Production: 824
Also Known As: M992A2 FAASV
Origin: United States of America
Corporations: United Defense
Parent System: M109A6 Paladin
Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 1994
Total Production: 969
Family Members: M109A7
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Description: The United Defense M109A6 Paladin is the latest version of the combat proven M109 self-propelled howitzer introduced in the early 1960s. The M109A6 howitzer introduced in 1994 features a 155mm 39 calibers main gun capable of striking targets at ranges of up to 30 km using rocket-assisted projectiles (RAPs), only 22 km with non-assisted conventional ammunition. The M109A6 weapon system consists of the M109A6 howitzer and the M992A2 Field Artillery Ammunition Supply Vehicles (FAASV). The FAASV vehicle carries 155mm projectiles and charges and is intended to resupply the M109A6 in the battlefield. The US Army remains the only Paladin operator with more then 800 weapon systems procured in the 1990s.

The M109A6 improvements provide increased survivability, performance, and responsiveness over previous M109 howitzers. Its shoot and scoot capability allows to fire a round and being on the move within just one minute. It also features an improved diesel engine, track and a diagnosis system. Nevertheless, its performance falls behind the German Army PzH2000 self-propelled howitzer or other equivalent weapon systems produced in other countries.

The M109A6 has a GPS-based self-location system to achieve improved accuracy. Originally, it was scheduled for replacement within the US Army by Crusader self-propelled howitzer but the program was cancelled. Afterwards, the Paladin was expected to be replaced by the Future Combat Systems (FCS) Non-Line-Of-Sight Cannon (NLOS-C) in the 2010-2015 timeframe. After the cancellation of the FCS NLOS-C the M109A6 Paladin may remain in service with the US Army well beyond 2030.

M109A6 Paladin Specifications

Caliber Multiple: 39
Crew: 4
Rolling Rubber Wheels: 7
Main Gun Caliber: 155 millimeter
Main Gun Max Range: 22,000 meter (13.7 mile)
Main Gun Min Range: 4,000 meter
Max Range firing RAP: 30,000 meter
Max Rate of Fire: 4 roundperminute
Sustained Rate of Fire: 1 roundperminute
Top Speed: 62 kph (17.2 mps)
SetUp Time: 60 second (0.02 hour)
Combat Weight: 28,856 kilogram
Empty Weight: 25,583 kilogram
CEP: Circular Error Probable
Meters (m)   Kilometers (km)   Nautic Miles (nm)   Inch (in)   Yard (yd)   Foot (ft)   Millimeter (mm)
Pound (lb)   Kilogram (kg)   kN (KiloNewton)   Ton (t)
Meters per Second (mps)   Kilometers per Hour (kph)   Knot (kt)   Miles per Hour (mph)
Liter (l)   Galon (gl)
Year (yr)   Minutes (min)   Second (sec)
Shaft-Horse-Power (shp)

M109A6 Paladin News

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020US Army Orders Additional BONUS Mk II Munitions for its M109 and M777 Howitzers
Saturday, August 17, 2019US Army Developing Long-Range AI-Guided 155mm Projectile
Tuesday, October 9, 2018US Army Orders BONUS 155mm Precision-Guided Artillery Projectiles
Thursday, April 5, 2018FMS: Saudi Arabia Seeks 177 Converted M109A6 Paladin Medium Self-Propelled Howitzer System
Wednesday, June 28, 2017BAE Systems and Leonardo to Cooperate on Artillery Precision Guided Munitions
Monday, November 3, 2014BAE Systems to Continue M109A7 Production with $142 Million Follow-on Contract
Thursday, October 31, 2013US Army Awards BAE Systems Production Contract for Paladin Integrated Management
Sunday, October 20, 2013Raytheon Excalibur Ib Completes Qualification Flight Testing
Wednesday, January 18, 2012BAE Systems Receives $313 Million Contract for Continued Research and Development of PIM
Thursday, October 28, 2010BAE Systems Delivers Seven Paladin Integrated Management to US Army

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