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Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 2005
Total Production: 2,900
Unitary Cost: USD$450,000
Also Known As: IdZ BS and Infanterist der Zukunft
Origin: Germany
Corporations: Airbus Group
Parent System: IdZ
Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 2005
Total Production: 3,800
Total Cost: USD$101 million
Family Members: Gladius
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Description: The IdZ or "Infanterist der Zukunft" (Infrantryman of the future) is a modular, integrated fighting system designed to provide significant lethality, survivability, mobility, battle command, and training to the German infantryman. It is being developed by EADS Defence Electronics.

On July 1, 2004, the German government through the Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement ordered 15 IdZ integrated front-line warrior systems worth €10 million ($12.5 million) for German forces deployed within the ISAF in Afghanistan.

On December 3, 2004, EADS Defense Electronics received a €70 million ($88 million) contract to provide the Bundeswehr with 196 IdZ, Infantryman of the Future, individual soldier equipment. These basic systems are envisaged for use by around 2,000 German soldiers from all services.

The IdZ system covers self-protection against small caliber arms and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical agents, communications, navigation/ orientation and weaponry. The system utilizes a wide range of new technologies to achieve the network centric warfare comptability.

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IdZ News

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1 Jul 2004 and 2 Mar 2011
Wednesday, March 2, 2011Bundeswehr to Receive 400 Additional IdZ BS Equipment Systems
Monday, May 17, 2010Bundeswehr to Receive a Further 220 IdZ BS Future Soldier Systems
Monday, November 26, 2007EADS and Sagem to Develop IMESS Swiss Infantry Fighting Capabilities
Friday, September 1, 2006Rheinmetall Awarded IdZ-ES Development Contract
Friday, December 3, 2004EADS Receives New Order for the Supply of IdZs to the German Armed Forces
Thursday, July 1, 2004German IdZ Future Warrior to Be Deployed in Afghanistan

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