Sylver A-70  
Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 2011
Total Production: ?
Origin: France
Corporations: DCNS
Parent System: Sylver
Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 2001
Total Production: 93
Total Cost: USD$300 million
Family Members: Sylver
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Description: The Sylver ship Vertical Launch System (VLS) has been designed to store and launch the latest generation of anti-air missiles such as ASTER 15 and ASTER 30. Despite Sylver primary customer is ASTER family of missiles, has been released that Sylver could eventually accommodate ANF supersonic anti-ship cruise missile, Standard and ESSM anti-air missiles, ASROC anti-submarine rocket, Tomahawk and SCALP Naval cruise missiles.

The Sylver VLS module features 8-cell which can be tailored to suit different types of missiles. Each Sylver module occupies an area of 6 square meters and is suitable for many types of ships ranging from corvettes to aircraft carriers. A single Sylver module yields up to 6 rounds per second. Sylver A-43 was developed for SAAM air defense system while Sylver A-50 version was developed for long-range PAAMS air defense system.

In 2005 the Sylver launcher was selected for the Franco-Italian Multi-Mission Frigates (FREMM) program which involves development and building of up to 27 warships. FREMM would require a further development of Sylver launcher to accommodate Scalp Naval land attack cruise missile which will add strike capability to Franco-Italian fleets. The Sylver A-70 launcher variant provided as standard equipment for FREMM frigates would support Scalp Naval and other existing missile systems.

Sylver A-70 Applications

Fighting Ships FREMM ASM

Sylver A-70 News

There are 3 news between
17 Nov 2005 and 16 Jun 2010
Wednesday, June 16, 2010First Firing of Scalp Naval Cruise Missile Completed Successfully
Wednesday, October 29, 2008Scalp Naval Completes Wind Tunnel Tests
Thursday, November 17, 2005Italy and France Launch First Phase of Newest European Warship Program

Operators & Related Equipment


Grand Total ?2
Defensive Weapons
Aster 15
Aster 30
Offensive Weapons
MM40 Block 3 Exocet
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