XM1100 Scorpion  
Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 2011
Total Production: ?
Origin: United States of America
Corporations: Textron Systems
Parent System: XM1100 Scorpion
Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 2011
Total Production: ?
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Description: The Textron Defense Systems XM1100 Scorpion is a networked sensor and munitions system designed to provide situational awareness and take out wheeled or tracked armored vehicles on the battlefield. The weapon system is based on battle-proven Sensor Fuzed Weapon (SFW) technology successfully deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom and is suitable against light and heavy armored vehicles. The system consists of a manned control station and one or more Dispenser Modules (DM). Each DM can interface with multiple lethal/non-lethal munitions and sensor systems to offer extraordinary flexibility in designing effective obstacles and attack targets. The DM is provided with as many as four explosively formed penetrators (EFPs) and/or anti-personnel grenades/munitions attacking from top as well as non-lethal munitions. In the late 2010, the Scorpion weapon system was being evaluated by the United States Army in severe hot climate conditions in order to start fielding the system in the 2011-2012 timeframe.

Textron designed Scorpion to feed directly into the Future Combat System (FCS) Network where crucial information is provided to soldiers and units to assist in battlefield. The weapon system primary use in a networked environment is to detect, track, classify, report, engage and destroy light wheeled and heavy tracked vehicles as well as enemy personnel even in the urban environment. It can secure a defensive perimeter for a small military unit attacking armored vehicles from concealed locations. The Scorpion munitions are provided with command self-destruct and meet the United States national landmine policy.

XM1100 Scorpion News

There are 4 news between
4 May 2009 and 20 Jun 2011
Monday, June 20, 2011Scorpion Excels During Final Demonstration
Monday, December 6, 2010XM1100 Scorpion Scores Hits in All Live Fire Tests
Tuesday, January 19, 2010XM1100 Scorpion Intelligent Munitions System Demonstrates Operational Capabilities in Successful End-to-End Testing
Monday, May 4, 2009XM1100 Scorpion Successful in Recent Test Events

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