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A129 Mangusta  
Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 1989
Total Production: 45
Origin: Italy
Corporations: Leonardo Helicopters
Parent System: AW129
Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 1989
Total Production: 120
Family Members: AW129 International
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Description: The A129 Mangusta is an attack helicopter developed to meet the requirements of the Italian Army by the Agusta company. It performs anti-tank, fire support, escort, and scout missions with air-to-air engagement capability. Advanced electro-optic sensors have been integrated in the A129 to achieve all-weather, day/night operation capability.

Weapon options for the A129 include up to 8 TOW2A anti-tank missiles, 81mm rockets, gun pods, and air-to-air missiles.

The A129 attack helicopter was successful deployed with the Italian Army in Somalia and Angola. Current Italian Army A129 Mangusta attack helicopters will be upgraded to the more capable A129 International standard.

A129 Mangusta Specifications

Crew: 2
Main Rotor Blades: 4
Number of Engines: 2
Height: 3.90 meter (12.8 foot)
Length: 14.5 meter (48 foot)
Main Rotor Diameter: 1.19 meter (3.90 foot)
Width: 3.70 meter
Ceiling: 4,725 meter (15,502 foot)
Max Power at TakeOff: 1,650 shp
Cruise Speed: 70 mps (250 kph)
Top Speed at High Altitude: 74 mps (266 kph)
Flight Endurance: 2.50 hour
Max Takeoff Weight: 4,100 kilogram (9,039 pound)
CEP: Circular Error Probable
Meters (m)   Kilometers (km)   Nautic Miles (nm)   Inch (in)   Yard (yd)   Foot (ft)   Millimeter (mm)
Pound (lb)   Kilogram (kg)   kN (KiloNewton)   Ton (t)
Meters per Second (mps)   Kilometers per Hour (kph)   Knot (kt)   Miles per Hour (mph)
Liter (l)   Galon (gl)
Year (yr)   Minutes (min)   Second (sec)
Shaft-Horse-Power (shp)

Operators & Related Equipment


Grand Total 451
Defensive Weapons
AGM-114K Hellfire IIx8
BGM-71E TOW 2Ax8
Propulsion Systems
Gem 2 Mk1004x2
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