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F-14B Tomcat  
Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 1987
Total Production: ?
Unitary Cost: USD$38 million
Origin: United States of America
Corporations: Northrop Grumman
Parent System: F-14 Tomcat
Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 1973
Total Production: 773
Total Cost: USD$29 billion
Family Members: F-14A Tomcat and F-14D Tomcat
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Description: The US Navy F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, swing-wing, two-place strike fighter for use by the US Navy aboard its aircraft carrier. Its primary role is air superiority with a secondary ground strike and reconnaissance capabilities. The Tomcat can be equipped with the TARPS pod for reconnaissance missions and the LANTIRN laser designator pod for precision ground strike missions. The F-14 Tomcat can track up to 24 airborne targets attacking 6 of them using the powerful AIM-54 Phoenix. It can also carry out air-to-air engagements using the proven AIM-7 Sparrow and the AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles. In the event of a close-in engagement the 20mm Vulcan M61A1/A2 cannon is the weapon of choice. The F-14 Tomcat entered service with the US Navy in 1973 and its official retirement was carried out on September 22, 2006 at Naval Air Station Oceana.

The US Navy's F-14B Tomcat is powered by more powerful General Electric F110-GE-400 engines instead of the TF30-P-414A engine. It was introduced in November 1987. Some F-14A were upgraded to the B configuration in addition of new production F-14Bs. The F-14B also includes other refinements related to reliability, maintainability, and survivability of the entire aircraft.

F-14B Tomcat Applications

Fighting Ships CVN 68 Nimitz

F-14B Tomcat Specifications

Crew: 2
Number of Engines: 2
Height: 4.80 meter (15.7 foot)
Length: 18.8 meter (62 foot)
Main Gun Caliber: 20 millimeter
Wingspan: 19 meter (62 foot)
Ceiling: 15,250 meter (50,033 foot)
Max Range: 1,694 kilometer (915 nautical mile)
Min Range: 1,215 meter
Top Speed at High Altitude: 777 mps (2,798 kph)
Max Takeoff Thrust: 54,000 pound (24,494 kilogram)
Max Takeoff Weight: 33,067 kilogram (72,899 pound)
Payload: 5,897 kilogram (13,000 pound)
CEP: Circular Error Probable
Meters (m)   Kilometers (km)   Nautic Miles (nm)   Inch (in)   Yard (yd)   Foot (ft)   Millimeter (mm)
Pound (lb)   Kilogram (kg)   kN (KiloNewton)   Ton (t)
Meters per Second (mps)   Kilometers per Hour (kph)   Knot (kt)   Miles per Hour (mph)
Liter (l)   Galon (gl)
Year (yr)   Minutes (min)   Second (sec)
Shaft-Horse-Power (shp)

Operators & Related Equipment


Grand Total ?1
Cannons & Gear
Defensive Weapons
AIM-54C Phoenixx6
AIM-7M Sparrowx2
AIM-9M Sidewinderx2
Propulsion Systems
Protection Systems
Sensor Systems
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