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Initial Operational Capability (IOC):
Total Production: ?
Also Known As: M28 and M28A2
Origin: United States of America
Corporations: Lockheed Martin
Parent System: M26
Initial Operational Capability (IOC):
Total Production: ?
Family Members: M26A1
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Description: The M26 rockets are spin-stabilized unguided projectiles. They are powered by a solid fuel rocket motor. Once fired, the M26 rocket follows a ballistic trajectory. The M26 rockets are stored in individual tubes which provide storage and act as the launch ramp. The 2 launch containers employed by the M270 MLRS rocket artillery system consist of 12 (2x6) M26 rockets inside their associated tubes.

The M26 rocket is the main ammunition of the M270 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System). Both were combat proven successfully in 1991, during the operation Desert Storm. The M28 is a training rocket designed to simulate the M26 rocket firing. The M26 rocket has been fielded in 14 countries around the world. Each M26 rocket carries up to dual purpose 644 M77 DPICM submunitions detonated by impact at a maximum range of 32 km. Employing the M77 submunitions a M26 rocket can cover an area of 0.23 square kilometers.

M26 Applications

Artillery Systems M142 HIMARS M270 MLRS M270A1 MLRS RM-70 Defensive Weapons GLSDB

M26 Specifications

Number of Submunitions: 644
Caliber: 227 millimeter
Length: 3.90 meter (154 inch)
Max Range: 32,000 meter (17.3 nautical mile)
Min Range: 11,500 meter (6.21 nautical mile)
Weight: 306 kilogram (675 pound)
CEP: Circular Error Probable
Meters (m)   Kilometers (km)   Nautic Miles (nm)   Inch (in)   Yard (yd)   Foot (ft)   Millimeter (mm)
Pound (lb)   Kilogram (kg)   kN (KiloNewton)   Ton (t)
Meters per Second (mps)   Kilometers per Hour (kph)   Knot (kt)   Miles per Hour (mph)
Liter (l)   Galon (gl)
Year (yr)   Minutes (min)   Second (sec)
Shaft-Horse-Power (shp)

M26 News

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019US Army To Develop Modular Pods For Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System
Thursday, September 3, 2015Saab to Introduce GLSDB Long-Range, Precision Attack Weapon at DSEI Exhibition
Tuesday, March 10, 2015Boeing and Saab Test Small Diameter Bomb on M26 Artillery Rocket
Monday, December 24, 2012FMS: Qatar Requests Sale of HIMARS, ATACMS and GMLRS
Thursday, September 8, 2011French Army to Upgrade 13 M270 to Launch the M31 Guided Unitary Rocket
Wednesday, September 9, 2009FMS: Jordan Wants HIMARS Mobile Artillery System
Monday, September 10, 2007Corect Guidance Module on MLRS Rocket Tested Successfully
Tuesday, March 20, 2007UK to Scrap Dummy Cluster Munitions
Thursday, September 21, 2006FMS: UAE Requests HIMARS Rocket Artillery Systems
Thursday, June 16, 2005HIMARS Rocket Launcher Fielded

Operators & Related Equipment

ex-Dutch Army M26 rockets (30 M26 and 492 M28)
In May 2008, the French MoD announced its intention to scrap M26 rocket cluster munitions
United Kingdom?
In March 2007, the UK MoD announced its intention to scrap all dummy cluster munitions in the armed forces inventory including RBL 755 aerial dispenser and M26 rocket

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