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Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 2006
Total Production: 3,000
Origin: United States of America
Corporations: BAE Systems
Parent System: AN/ALE-50
Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 1996
Total Production: 32,000
Total Cost: USD$500 million
Family Members: AN/ALE-50
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Description: The AN/ALE-55 fiber optic towed decoy system is being developed by BAE Systems to protect the US Air Force B-1B and the US Navy F/A-18E/F aircraft from radar-guided missiles. It is a derivative of the proven AN/ALE-50 towed decoy. The ALE-55 consists of a launch controller, launcher and fiber optic towed decoy (FOTD). It has the potential be used on a variety of platforms without undergoing major modification. When deployed, the ALE-55's expendable aerial decoy is towed behind the aircraft using fiber optic. The decoy protects the host aircraft providing a more attractive target and steering the radar-guided missile away from the aircraft and right to the decoy. The long endurance ALE-55 has countered both surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles during development testing.

In August 2005, BAE Systems completed the AN/ALE-55 development testing program on the US Navy's F/A-18E/F platform. Formal development and testing are expected to be conducted by the US Navy until early 2006 when a low rate initial production order would be issued. Under the Integrated Defensive Electronic Countermeasures (IDECM) Block 3 program the AN/ALE-55 FOTD will be provided to the US Navy's F/A-18E/F fleet. In July 2006 BAE Systems announced that had completed design, development and testing of a new deployment and retrieval mechanism for the AN/ALE-55 fiber-optic towed decoy for use on US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle. The same decoy was also slated for deployment on the C-130 aircraft operated by the US Air Force.

AN/ALE-55 Applications

Combat Aircraft B-1B Lancer F-15E Strike Eagle F/A-18E Super Hornet F/A-18F Super Hornet Protection Systems AN/ALQ-214 IDECM Support Aircraft C-130J Super Hercules

AN/ALE-55 Specifications

Mission Endurance: 2 hour
Service Life: 10 year
CEP: Circular Error Probable
Meters (m)   Kilometers (km)   Nautic Miles (nm)   Inch (in)   Yard (yd)   Foot (ft)   Millimeter (mm)
Pound (lb)   Kilogram (kg)   kN (KiloNewton)   Ton (t)
Meters per Second (mps)   Kilometers per Hour (kph)   Knot (kt)   Miles per Hour (mph)
Liter (l)   Galon (gl)
Year (yr)   Minutes (min)   Second (sec)
Shaft-Horse-Power (shp)

AN/ALE-55 News

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7 Feb 2007 and 28 Oct 2019
Monday, October 28, 2019BAE Systems to Compete for US Navy Dual Band Decoy for US Navy
Tuesday, September 12, 2017FMS: Canada Seeks 18 F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Aircraft
Thursday, November 17, 2016FMS: Kuwait Seeks 40 F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Aircraft
Thursday, February 28, 2013FMS: Australia Wants 12 F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and 12 EA-18G Growler Aircraft
Wednesday, September 28, 2011BAE Systems ALE-55 Wins Full Rate Production Contract
Tuesday, June 16, 2009US Navy Awards BAE Systems Production Contract for ALE-55 Countermeasures
Tuesday, June 3, 2008AN/ALE-55 Anti-Missile Decoy Begins Tests on F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
Wednesday, February 7, 2007FMS: Australia Requests Potential Sale of Super Hornet

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