Initial Operational Capability (IOC):
Total Production: ?
Origin: France
Corporations: Thales
Parent System: GATEKEEPER
Initial Operational Capability (IOC):
Total Production: ?
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Description: The GATEKEEPER is a passive electro-optical sensor array capable of providing support for anti-air warfare (AAW), anti-surface warfare (ASuW) and situational awareness to surface ships particularly in the littoral environment. Instead of mechanically scanning through 360-degree GATEKEEPER employs multiple static sensor heads incorporating large IR focal plane arrays, an advanced optical design and dedicated processing algorithms on COTS processing hardware. This way GATEKEEPER increases the update rate of detections and avoids the heavy maintenance workload of mechanical systems.

GATEKEEPER technology is resistant to jamming and automatically detects and tracks fast, agile and stealthy air threats simultaneously with surface asymmetric threats. GATEKEEPER uses a combination of LWIR (Low Wave Infrared) cameras and high resolution color TV cameras, making it an ideal sensor for the detection and classification of asymmetric, close range, surface threats in a tense security environment.

GATEKEEPER Applications

Auxiliary Vessels Holland Karel Doorman Fighting Ships Johan de Witt Karel Doorman PKR


There are 6 news between
20 Dec 2007 and 17 Jan 2019
Thursday, January 17, 2019Mexican Navy POLA Ocean Patrol Vessel Outfitted with Thales Sensor Systems
Thursday, January 13, 2011Belgian and Dutch Navies M Class Frigates to Receive APX Systems
Tuesday, March 30, 2010Netherlands Navy Orders Fifth Integrated Mast
Monday, February 8, 2010Belgian Navy's M Class Frigates to Receive Seastar and Gatekeeper Sensors
Friday, February 6, 2009Dutch Navy's M-Class Frigates to Receive Seastar and Gatekeeper Sensors
Thursday, December 20, 2007Royal Netherlands Navy Selects Thales Integrated Mast

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