Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 2020
Total Production: ?
Origin: Russia
Parent System: Kopyo
Initial Operational Capability (IOC):
Total Production: ?
Family Members: Kopyo-21I, Kopyo-25 and Kopyo-M
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Description: The Kopyo is a family of multimode, steered array antenna radar systems for combat aircraft. These radars provide detection, target identification, tracking and attack capability against airborne - including hovering helicopters - and ground/surface targets as well as weather information. In the air-to-surface mode, the Kopyo radar provide mapping, moving target indicator, target range finding and multiple ground targets tracking. The Kopyo radar family has been selected for the Yak-130/133, upgraded Mig-21-93 and Su-25/Su-39 combat aircraft.

The Kopyo-DL is a rear facing radar developed for the Su-34M tactical bomber and intended to detect incoming missiles and other potential targets from the rear hemisphere. The new radar is expected to enter servie in early 2020 along the Su-34M aircraft.

Kopyo-DL Applications

Combat Aircraft Su-34M

Operators & Related Equipment


Grand Total ?1
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