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Initial Operational Capability (IOC):
Total Production: ?
Origin: Germany
Corporations: Rheinmetall Defence
Parent System: X-TAR3D
Initial Operational Capability (IOC):
Total Production: ?
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Description: The X-TAR3D is a compact and lightweight air surveillance and target acquisition radar for short and very short-range air defense systems developed by Rheinmetall Defence. The X-band X-TAR3D tactical acquisition radar is part of the X-TAR radar family featuring 3D surveillance with functions for search, detection, acquisition, tracking, classification and identification of air targets. The data generated by the radar is supplied to command and control (C2) networks and can serve as cueing fire control systems. The X-TAR3D radar has been optimized against traditional air targets such as fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft as well as evolving unmanned and stealth aircraft and cruise missiles which feature very low radar cross section and/or fly at very low altitudes. Besides, the new 3D radar is enabled against rocket and mortar rounds (C-RAM). The radar was unveiled at the Eurosatory 2012 exhibition in Paris, France.

The X-TAR3D incorporates phased-array pulse Doppler radar technology. Elevation information is obtained through up to twelve simultaneously receiving stacked beams, which allows it to scan the full search volume in a single antenna revolution (1.5sec). The radar architecture is based on multiple transmitter and receiver modules that assure high reliability and graceful degradation. The radar electronics are integrated inside the antenna unit and data interface with other units such as FFI and MMI is via the Ethernet channel. It also features excellent target-to-target and target-to-jammer discrimination. The outstanding accuracy of the 3D target data results in a high target acquisition probability and thus a drastic reduction in the acquisition time translating into a very short reaction time for the associated air defense system. The X-TAR3D is specially well suited for integration into high mobility vehicles.
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