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Looking for some facts for my research paper. Can anyone from Deagel post data-information on how you arrived at this figures. Can you give information-data when the decline will happen? Thanks.
Posted by Hydra1012 on 10 May 2015
If these alerts direct from Heaven don't cause the U.S. depopulation decline projected then we still have all the other natural causes such as disease, famine, war, pestilence, etc. Natural deaths will take out a generation

within 20 years or so and with so few births due to contraception, abortion, and uncertainty we can expect the population to fall.

# 2492- The dragon will meet and launch the Eagle fire on their children causing destruction of much of their nest

# 2516- A proud man will He talks with Iran seems to be a peacemaker, but in fact is a thorn in many nations. Men's terror, led by one with

the appearance of a prophet, will bring suffering and pain of the eagle nest and Country of Salvador

# 2573- Do not flee from prayer. Will East Coast. The tidal wave will cause great destruction. The eagle will suffer again.

This is message that I transmit to you on behalf of the Trinity.

# 2616- The France mourn the death of his sons, and Los Angeles will be shaken. Behold the difficult times for the humanity

# 2624- The famous Los Angeles mourn death of their children

# 2653- Valley of the Moon comes great suffering. Entire regions of land will disappear (Sonoma, Ca, or Tuscon, AZ???)

# 2703- Humanity will suffer with the wickedness of evil men and the city of brotherly love will be struck (Philadelphia?)

# 2781- Death will pass by Albuquerque. Pray for their inhabitants

# 2821- The inhabitants of Philadelphia will live moments of great difficulties. Terror will come. Poison will spread and infect many

of My poor children. Suffer because of what coming to you

# 2846- The bird black act and cause astonishment to the whole East. You will pass the Eagle's Nest and will their children suffer

# 2897- A great fact will be in the land of San Francisco. Pray. The humanity will live moments of great suffering

# 2923- The West will tremble with disastrous event caused the invisible enemy. I suffer because of your sufferings

# 2924- Enemies come into Manhattan and my poor children will carry a heavy cross

# 3102- Suffering and Pain Will Come by Water

# 3110- Mans Deep Earth Projects to cause Great Destruction

# 3206- Great suffering will come to a continent by water

# 3274- Califórnia will face a heavy cross. The ground will rise and the mountains will descend

# 3280- The eagle (U.S.) will not fly tranquilly. Its nest will tremble and there will be great fear

# 3292- Much tribulation/death in San Francisco

# 3306- The earth is moved and the death will be present. The eagle will drink the bitter cup of pain. In the west, the Pacific region

will hear cries and lamentations

# 3337- Death will pass through the Gulf Coast causing great destruction. There will be a similar destruction in Brazil

# 3339- Washington residents will drink the bitter cup of suffering

# 3347- The nest of the eagle will be invaded and there will be great destruction. Terror will spread and My poor children will weep and lament

# 3357- Strong winds shake the towers and My poor children will fear. Men flee the White House in chains and find death

# 3427- The great and famous river that crosses the nest of the eagle will be contaminated (the Mississippi?) .My poor children will carry a heavy cross

# 3428- The great city that is beside the Potomac will live moments of great distress

Above message given to Brazilian Seer Pedro Regis by Our Lady Queen of Peace and can be seen in their entirety

by visiting the seers website
Posted by Lyra1018 on 6 April 2015
I suspect a few factors:

1 - Baby boomers are a huge chunk of the population, and with ObamaCare collapsing the healthcare system, they will be lucky to make it another 5-10 years.

2 - Immigration has been a huge source of population growth. Immigrants are like bad friends, here when the economy is good, and they leave when times are tough.

3 - Immunosterilant vaccines, I'm looking at you Gardasil, the 50% decline in teenage pregnancy isn't because teens suddenly started using condoms...

4 - Jobs, corporations will leave, taking employees with them. No one likes socialism except socialists. The social justice warriors want everyone to be equally poor.

5 - The collapse, which is a mathematical certainty by 2017, I suspect it will happen before or early 2016. USA defaults when interest rates go up, paper money loses 2000% of its value. Banks close. Lots of limited riots, things get a bit too real for some and they commit suicide. Widespread crime, violence, theft. People will flee the chaos to other countries.

Whats left, will be a giant empty shopping mall like Detroit. And thank god for that, only Americans could turn such a beautiful piece of land into a giant mall.
Posted by Hydra1010 on 5 February 2015
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