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If these alerts direct from Heaven don't cause the U.S. depopulation decline projected then we still have all the other natural causes such as disease, famine, war, pestilence, etc. Natural deaths will take out a generation

within 20 years or so and with so few births due to contraception, abortion, and uncertainty we can expect the population to fall.

# 2492- The dragon will meet and launch the Eagle fire on their children causing destruction of much of their nest

# 2516- A proud man will He talks with Iran seems to be a peacemaker, but in fact is a thorn in many nations. Men's terror, led by one with

the appearance of a prophet, will bring suffering and pain of the eagle nest and Country of Salvador

# 2573- Do not flee from prayer. Will East Coast. The tidal wave will cause great destruction. The eagle will suffer again.

This is message that I transmit to you on behalf of the Trinity.

# 2616- The France mourn the death of his sons, and Los Angeles will be shaken. Behold the difficult times for the humanity

# 2624- The famous Los Angeles mourn death of their children

# 2653- Valley of the Moon comes great suffering. Entire regions of land will disappear (Sonoma, Ca, or Tuscon, AZ???)

# 2703- Humanity will suffer with the wickedness of evil men and the city of brotherly love will be struck (Philadelphia?)

# 2781- Death will pass by Albuquerque. Pray for their inhabitants

# 2821- The inhabitants of Philadelphia will live moments of great difficulties. Terror will come. Poison will spread and infect many

of My poor children. Suffer because of what coming to you

# 2846- The bird black act and cause astonishment to the whole East. You will pass the Eagle's Nest and will their children suffer

# 2897- A great fact will be in the land of San Francisco. Pray. The humanity will live moments of great suffering

# 2923- The West will tremble with disastrous event caused the invisible enemy. I suffer because of your sufferings

# 2924- Enemies come into Manhattan and my poor children will carry a heavy cross

# 3102- Suffering and Pain Will Come by Water

# 3110- Mans Deep Earth Projects to cause Great Destruction

# 3206- Great suffering will come to a continent by water

# 3274- Califórnia will face a heavy cross. The ground will rise and the mountains will descend

# 3280- The eagle (U.S.) will not fly tranquilly. Its nest will tremble and there will be great fear

# 3292- Much tribulation/death in San Francisco

# 3306- The earth is moved and the death will be present. The eagle will drink the bitter cup of pain. In the west, the Pacific region

will hear cries and lamentations

# 3337- Death will pass through the Gulf Coast causing great destruction. There will be a similar destruction in Brazil

# 3339- Washington residents will drink the bitter cup of suffering

# 3347- The nest of the eagle will be invaded and there will be great destruction. Terror will spread and My poor children will weep and lament

# 3357- Strong winds shake the towers and My poor children will fear. Men flee the White House in chains and find death

# 3427- The great and famous river that crosses the nest of the eagle will be contaminated (the Mississippi?) .My poor children will carry a heavy cross

# 3428- The great city that is beside the Potomac will live moments of great distress

Above message given to Brazilian Seer Pedro Regis by Our Lady Queen of Peace and can be seen in their entirety

by visiting the seers website
Posted by Lyra1018 on 6 April 2015
I suspect a few factors:

1 - Baby boomers are a huge chunk of the population, and with ObamaCare collapsing the healthcare system, they will be lucky to make it another 5-10 years.

2 - Immigration has been a huge source of population growth. Immigrants are like bad friends, here when the economy is good, and they leave when times are tough.

3 - Immunosterilant vaccines, I'm looking at you Gardasil, the 50% decline in teenage pregnancy isn't because teens suddenly started using condoms...

4 - Jobs, corporations will leave, taking employees with them. No one likes socialism except socialists. The social justice warriors want everyone to be equally poor.

5 - The collapse, which is a mathematical certainty by 2017, I suspect it will happen before or early 2016. USA defaults when interest rates go up, paper money loses 2000% of its value. Banks close. Lots of limited riots, things get a bit too real for some and they commit suicide. Widespread crime, violence, theft. People will flee the chaos to other countries.

Whats left, will be a giant empty shopping mall like Detroit. And thank god for that, only Americans could turn such a beautiful piece of land into a giant mall.
Posted by Hydra1010 on 5 February 2015
I've thought since the late 70's it would come to this, but in my youth I didn't imagine it would go this far before an asteroid or some other natural disaster hit us first.

I'm amazed at the ease of it all, the ease of the decades long Asymmetrical Attack on the human race, especially in the land of the

Blank because really no English word that I can think of describes what we have become. Its beyond bizarre.

We are targeted since before birth.

The fake food.

The poisoned public water that is touted as a heath benefit, The forced injection, from birth (hep b) forward, guaranteeing a loss of IQ to varying degrees and an early death for tens of millions due to the SIV, monkey, ape, pig, providence knows what other kinds of animal cancers and diseases, Including the statutory forced vaccinations - the noxious toxic forced jabs with likely ulterior motives.

The deluge of mysterious, novel diseases that usually begin in the most desperate places on Earth.

The life long rat race that guarantees submission.exhaustion and regret for the vast majority, especially decent folk.

The overt-covert forced demographic engineering that guaranteed to cannibalize and destroy future generations, each generation is set up to consume the next, each consecutive generation weaker and more demoralized than the former. The vast feeding trough that the human cow-slaves of all ages feed from, many have little or no choice, those choices were taken long ago.

The lies and manipulation that the mind numbing, neuron destroying news and other media broadcast and downloads into our psyche - N/north - E/east - W/west - S/south.

The religious manipulations of ages past and in modernity.

Just as you are about to reach the so called golden goose egg finish line, you may end up culled by the medical authorities - Either cruelly, ala by being dissected while alive without even the decency of pharmaceuticals (just one form of modern human sacrifice) Or medical murdering treatments, so called "cures" for cancer, etc that are false hope cons designed to poison you to death quickly, albeit the minions or deceived all get paid, many handsomely. - OR - the soylent green method - terminal sedation coupled with heavy doses of "anti anxiety" dope to keep you comatose and quiet in case the narcotics begin to wear off.

The mind numbing, creativity destroying, poverty guaranteeing pubic skools that the majority of the human cow slaves are forced to attend. I know the burbs are kinder than the ghettos - but I find today's un-education for children and young adults largely blatantly despicable, its all part the curriculum-programming. Now its openly commie, many young parents are beginning to realize what is being done to them and their children.

After that indoctrination, after 1.5 decades of attending the mind-numbing, soul destroying pubic holding pens for young human cows then on to the voluntary RIP off higher institutions that create new life-long debt slaves by the millions. All for your guaranteed success of course.

The ruination of IOUSA's once great cities due to floods of narcotics and toxic chemical inhalants to purposely designed to fry the human mind - OR - the legal doping, dispensed by the priest in white coats and their vestal virgins in the medical temples. De facto chemical lobotomies, to help the desperate human slave cows "cope" and be happy (brain damaged)as they toil through life. Skip thru the fields singing the praises of how calm you feel, just take your medicine as you are told.

The for profit prisons, always filled with the most ruined and disadvantaged.

You can't make this shite up.

Not so gradual anymore, whatever it is that farms US seems to be in a hurry. I think the human cow slaves on the other side of the pond fare better and that the human cow slaves East will gradually fare better, our demise helps.

The narratives have not worked in my reality for decades.

Yet the band plays on, the masses stampede, are herded to and fro.

I think its too late, I've read we passed the Rubicon in the 80's, and the 80's is when the final con began IMO.

Sure there is much beauty, joy and good memories mixed in between - Yet - I can't escape the feeling in my gut that this will not end well.

69 Million seems low, then again...given current demographics and methods used in the recent past that the vast majority are oblivious to, coupled with the ratcheting up of near term culling schemes...

I doubt that the majority of middle aged and younger will have the opportunity to migrate. Why would anyone want them ? How can millions of hand to mouth slaves come up with the money to flee to another nation ? Will they leave in canoes for SA ?

99.9% only speak one language and their education is not at par with their foreign peers.

Hopefully life on Earth on the human farm is not all there is and the best is yet to come.

Posted by Romeo1014 on 7 January 2015
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