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ConflictsTo discuss about wars, battles, crisis and future events54565,53817 Nov 2014 2:53 PM
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I read he is set to take fuller control over 'crats, and will get more assertive. When will we see Germany distancing from Europe and approach Eurasia?
Posted by Fornax1010 on 17 November 2014
Islam is a complete theocracy... a way of life that is not compatable with any other government or religion anywhere and unfortunately the major goal is to submit the entire world to Sharia Law... I don't know if it's the next major conflict, but sooner or later we will either submit to Allah or fight them either here or somewhere else.
Posted by Grune1011 on 16 November 2014
You are correct. Don't change your position of truth. The horror begins soon.
Posted by Charlie1008 on 10 November 2014
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