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Such a possibility can not be ruled out. But i doubt Russia taking chinese side. Growing economic and military power of China will blind it and it would like to test the waters by attacking India. Pakistan will be China's natural ally and will be the first to be dragged into the war or possibly it will be Pakistan that will attack India and get China involed. Whatever but the attack on india will be jointly planned by Pak and China. To avoid nuclear escalation UN, US and Russia would intervene. Japan, Vietnam and Russia would ensure that China ends up subdued as it will become biggest threat to their territories. All these developments would ensure North Korea to side with China and US & NATO to side with India.
Posted by Sabre1010 on 6 January 2014
I think that World War III will start with China and India over the disputed Jammu and Kashmir region or the Arunachi Paradesh region. And then America and the rest of the United Nations will get dragged in spporting India with Russia spporting China
Posted by Scalpel1008 on 8 April 2013
I am looking for cost and lot quantity data for a range of commercial turbofan engines. To be useful, I need to know the year associated with the quoted cost/price quotation. Deagel offers Unit cost data for some engines, but the year of the dollars is not made clear; I doubt that it would be the same as the IOC date for the engine. Total production quantities for the particular engine model are also very useful.
Posted by Pavo1011 on 21 February 2013
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