57mm Mk3 Naval Guns for Two More Finnish Squadron 2000 Vessels

Released on Monday, February 7, 2005
United States of America
57mm Mk3
DDG 1000 Zumwalt
LCS Freedom
WMSL 750
3P - Pre-fragmented Programmable Proximity fuzed
LCS - Littoral Combat Ship
WMSL - Maritime Security Cutter, Large
Bofors Defence AB, a United Defense wholly owned subsidiary, has received a 11 million Euro ($14 million) contract from Finland for the production and installation of two 57mm Mk3 naval guns. These guns will be installed on two Finland's Squadron 2000 patrol boats.

Sweden-based Bofors Defence was awarded early in 2002 a contract for two naval guns of the same type for integration on two Squadron 2000 vessels. Squadron 2000, Rauma 2000 or Hamina class vessels are an enhanced version of proven Rauma fast attack craft introduced by the Finnish Navy in the early 1990s.

The contract provides for the production of the naval gun systems, training services, spares, integration work and the associated 57mm 3P ammunition. The 57mm Mk3 gun and the 3P ammunition combination is deemed to be a lethal asset for any sea-based platform in the close range. The first gun is scheduled for delivery to Finland in 2005 and the second one in 2006.

Recently, Bofors' 57mm Mk3 naval gun system has been selected for three capital ship programs for the United States: the DD(X) destroyer, the LCS littoral combat ship and the US Coast Guard's Maritime Security Cutter - Large (WMSL).


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