APAR Multi Function Radar Performs Flawlessly on Danish Iver Huitfeldt Frigate

Released on Tuesday, April 23, 2013
APAR - Advanced Phased Array Radar
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
HDMS - Her Denmark Majesty Ship
SAT - Sea Acceptance Test
The first Sea Acceptance Test (SAT) of Thales's APAR multifunction radar on the new Iver Huitfeldt class frigates of the Royal Danish Navy was a success. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization, this test could be completed in one week instead of a more usual three weeks.

The test was performed with the first APAR delivered to the Royal Danish Navy, installed on HDMS Peter Willemoes.

In December 2006, the contract was signed for the delivery of the three APAR systems for the Iver Huitfeldt class frigates. Between January 2011 and January 2012 the Factory Acceptance Tests for all three radars were performed and in 2011 and 2012 the systems were installed on the three ships of this class: HDMS Iver Huitfeldt, HSMS Peter Willemoes and HDMS Niels Juel.

Thales Nederland CEO Gerben Edelijn says: "This SAT demonstrates our capability to maintain the highest possible level of product quality over a long period of time. We are proud of the excellent relation with the Royal Danish Navy."

Following this SAT, there will be a Harbour Acceptance Test later this year to test the ship's Anti Air Warfare and Fire Control capabilities. The program is scheduled to end early 2014.

Source: Thales's APAR Multi Function Radar Performs Flawlessly on Danish Frigate

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