ARJ21 Jet Undergoing Flight Tests Powered by CF34-10A Engines

Released on Wednesday, September 23, 2009
COMAC - Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, LTD
GE - General Electric
September 23, 2009 -- BEIJING -- Flight tests continue for China's first domestically developed regional jet aircraft, powered by GE Aviation's CF34-10A engines.

Two ARJ21 aircraft, developed by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, LTD (COMAC), have been flying in the flight test program that began late last year. The aircraft have completed a combined 25 flights and logged more than 45 flight hours. Later this year, a third aircraft will begin flight tests, and next year a fourth flight test aircraft will start flying in support of aircraft certification and entry into service that is scheduled for 2010.

GE Aviation provides the complete propulsion system for the ARJ21, including two fuselage-mounted CF34-10A engines. Engine certification testing on the CF34-10A is nearing completion with the fan blade out test scheduled for later this year. GE Aviation plans to submit certification reports to the Federal Aviation Authority by year-end.

"Being part of the first indigenous aircraft developed in China has been a rewarding experience for all of us at GE Aviation," said Chuck Nugent, general manager of the CF34 engine program. "Our engineers have forged a strong relationship with the COMAC engineers, and we have learned many valuable lessons."

COMAC has taken orders for more than 200 ARJ21 aircraft and estimates a potential for 850 aircraft to be built over the next 20 years. The 70-to-90-passenger ARJ21 aircraft is designed for Chinese and export markets. The aircraft combines Chinese intellectual property with GE engines and airborne systems from leading European and North American companies. Since COMAC selected GE's CF34-10A engine in 2002, the two companies have collaborated closely during the aircraft's detailed design and the aircraft/engine integration phases.

The ARJ21 is designed to meet China's diverse environment, specifically the hot temperature and high altitude conditions on many routes in Western China. The CF34-10A technology is ideally suited to this aircraft, with thrust to meet performance requirements and lower-cost, highly reliable operation.

The CF34-10A engine is part of GE's CF34 engine family, which is the best-selling engine in regional jet aviation. More than 6,000 CF34 engines power business and regional jets worldwide. The CF34-10A engine is about 80 percent common with the CF34-10E, which entered service in November 2005 on the EMBRAER 190/195.

Source: GE's CF34 Engine Helps China's Aviation Industry Soar

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