Aegis Baseline 7 Tested Against Supersonic and Subsonic Anti-Ship Missiles

Released on Thursday, March 24, 2005
South Korea
United States of America
DDG 51 Flight IIA
Standard SM-2 Block III
Standard SM-2 Block IIIA
Standard SM-2 Block IIIB
ESSM - Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile
FMS - Foreign Military Sale
USS - United States Ship
The Raytheon company has released that the Aegis weapon system Baseline 7 phase 1, Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) and the Standard Missile-2 passed successfully testing against both supersonic and subsonic anti-ship missiles the week of March 7. The tests were conducted from a US Navy's Aegis-equipped destroyer, the USS Momsen (DDG 92).

The Standard Missile-2 variants; Block III, Block IIIA and Block IIIB; were fired against subsonic and supersonic targets in various configurations and in a littoral environment. Moreover, the tests also include a dual engagement against two targets achieving two near simultaneous kills.

In connection with the Standard Missile-2, Raytheon was awarded a $266 million production contract for Block IIIA, Block IIIB, Block IIIB upgrade kits and associated equipment. This contract was awarded by the US Navy on March 23, 2005.

The SM-2 fiscal year 2005 production contract covers delivery of 75 Block IIIB missiles, 79 Block IIIB upgrade kits for older variants of the Standard missile, telemeters, spare parts and rockets motors. In addition, 64 Block III rounds, 99 Block IIIA rounds, telemeters and 161 shipping containers will be manufactured under this contract for the foreign military sales (FMS) program. The items will be delivered before December 2007. The FMS customers are Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Taiwan, Canada, and South Korea.


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