Air Force Officially Names MC2A as E-10A

Released on Friday, February 28, 2003
United States of America
C2 - Command and Control
MC2A - Multisensor Command and Control Aircraft
The US Air Force recently designated the Multisensor Command and Control Aircraft MC2A as the E-10A. The "E" designation stands for Electrical Systems, like in the cases of E-3 and E-8 aircraft.

The E-10A multisensor command and control aircraft will provide ground and some airborne moving target indication, as well as key battle command and control management. It is expected to be a key element in the Air Force's C2 Constellation.

The C2 constellation is a concept that envisions a fully connected array of land, airborne and space-based sensors that use common standards and communication protocols to relay information automatically in machine-to-machine interfaces.

The MC2A , now E-10A, was first envisioned as a future replacement of E-3 and E-8 aircraft. The Boeing's 767-400 airframe was selected for the MC2A program. The 767-400 election was due of superior performance over other models.

The Air Force plans to field the first E-10A as a test bed in 2008, followed by 4 operational E-10A aircraft in 2012 joining the E-8C J-STARS fleet. The E-10A will ensure America's supremacy on the 21st century battlefield.


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