Air Lease Corporation Orders GE90-115B-powered Boeing 777-300ERs

Released on Monday, June 20, 2011
Boeing 777-300ER
GE - General Electric
--LE BOURGET -- Air Lease Corporation has ordered five GE90-115B-powered Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The aircraft will begin delivery in 2013.

"The GE90-powered Boeing 777 aircraft have proven to be extremely popular aircraft for their performance and exceptional fuel burn," said Kevin McAllister, vice president and general manager of Global Sales at GE Aviation. "Air Lease Corporation's decision to purchase these aircraft is exciting, and we look forward to doing more business together in the future."

Rated at 115,000 pounds of thrust, the GE90-115B engine combines advanced technologies from the GE90 family with three-dimensional aerodynamic (3-D aero) compressor airfoils and wide-chord, swept composite fan blades for greater efficiency. The dual annular combustor emits no more than 40 percent of the hydrocarbons allowed by today's international standards. Since entering service in 2004, the GE90-115B engine has proven to be one of the quietest engines per pound of thrust.

The GE90-115B engines that power the Boeing 777-300ER, -200LR and 777 Freighters have been highly popular aircraft/engine combinations. More than 650 of these aircraft have been ordered by 46 customers worldwide.

Snecma of France, Avio SpA of Italy, and IHI Corporation of Japan are revenue-sharing participants in the GE90 program.

The GE90-115B engine is part of GE's "ecomagination" product portfolio -- GE's commitment to develop new, cost-effective technologies that enhance the customers' environmental and operating performance.

Source: Air Lease Orders GE90-115B-powered Boeing 777-300ERs

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