Airbus Military and PT Dirgantara Indonesia Sign Strategic Collaboration Agreement

Released on Wednesday, July 6, 2011
C-212 Aviocar
CASA - Construcciones Aeronauticas SA
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
PTDI - PT. Dirgantara Indonesia
Airbus Military has concluded a strategic collaboration agreement with PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) under which it will assist with the revitalisation of the Indonesian national aerospace industry.

The agreement was signed in Jakarta on 6th July, in the presence of the Minister of State Owned Enterprises of Indonesia, Mr. Mustafa Abubakar, by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) President Director Budi Santoso, PT Perusahaan Pengelola Aset (Persero) President Director Boyke W, Mukijat, and Airbus Military CEO Domingo Ureña Raso. This agreement confirms the memorandum of understanding of February 2011. In the first phase of the programme, lasting some 18 months, Airbus Military will support PTDI in optimising its overall industrial processes and global efficiency.

The agreement builds on the longstanding manufacturing relationship between Airbus Military and its Spanish predecessor CASA, and PTDI and its Indonesian predecessors going back to Nurtanio. PTDI is currently also an important supplier to Airbus Military on the C212 and CN235 light/medium transport and surveillance aircraft, as well as to Eurocopter and Airbus.

In subsequent years Airbus Military intends to grow the quantity of manufacturing it places with PTDI, and to provide industrial activity of increasingly higher value in the supply chain.

Minister Mustafa Abubakar said: "Three decades ago CASA joined with Nurtanio to launch a new aircraft - the CN235 - which has succeeded in becoming the market leader in its category worldwide. This agreement with Airbus Military will enable us to undertake structural reforms to help turn-around and grow the aerospace sector. The possibility of new developments and the subsequent opening of new markets, together with our partners in Airbus Military, will allow us to create a generation of highly trained engineers, managers and workers, who will not only serve the aerospace industry, but will revolutionize other sectors of the economy of our country."

Airbus Military CEO Domingo Ureña Raso said: "The aerospace relationship of Spain and Airbus Military with Indonesia and its national industry has been long and fruitful, and bears excellent prospects for the future. But today's increasingly competitive global aerospace industry demands constant reinvention and rejuvenation by every player. We are completely committed to supporting our Indonesian partners in ensuring that they maintain their role on the world stage."

Source: Airbus Military and PT Dirgantara Indonesia sign strategic collaboration agreement

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