Antonov An-26 Has Been Certified in Europe

Released on Monday, September 28, 2009
APU - Auxiliary Power Unit
ASTC - ANTONOV Aeronautical Science and Technical Complex
EASA - European Aviation Safety Agency
FAR - Federal Aviation Regulation
On September 28, 2009, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued Type Certificate to AN-26 and AN-26B freighters.

This document confirms, that AN-26 and AN-26B powered by AI-24V? engines with AV-72T propellers and RU19A-300 APU comply with requirements of parts 25, 33, 35 of the FAR and ?SO-?77 recognized by the EASA.

Following issue of the Commission Regulation of European Commission, according to which all the aircraft registered in European Union, must be certified by the EASA, and by request of AN-26 and AN-26B operators, on December 18, 2006, ANTONOV ASTC submitted an application to perform validation, i.e. providing approval of the initial Type Certificate to these airplanes issued by State Aviation Administration of Ukraine in 2001. The works were fulfilled with support of State Aviation Administration of Ukraine and Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee.

Issue of the EASA certificate provided possibility to continue successful operation of AN-26 and AN-26B registered in the countries of European Union. At present, 17 of such airplanes are working in airlines of Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and Poland. In the operators' opinion, these aircraft occupy strong position in the market of ramp freighters. In particular, they are widely used for express delivery of mail and cargoes on the contracts with DHL.

Issue of the EASA Certificate is one more evidence of reliability and safety of the ANTONOV aircraft.

Source: AN-26 has been certified in Europe

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