Arrow Scores its 12th Successful Intercept at Point Mugu

Released on Thursday, July 29, 2004
United States of America
Arrow II
ASIP - Arrow System Improvement Program
IMDO - Israel Missile Defense Organization
MDA - Missile Defense Agency
Israel's IAI has announced that the Arrow anti-ballistic missile successfully intercepted and destroyed a target at Point Mugu Sea Range, California, during a joint United States-Israel test program.

The test was part of the ongoing US-Israel Arrow System Improvement Program (ASIP). This was the twelfth Arrow missile intercept and seventh test of the complete Arrow system. The test represented a realistic scenario of a threat to Israel which can't be tested in Israel's test ranges due to safety restrictions.

The threat, provided by MDA target office, was launched from a maritime platform simulating a ballistic missile launch in the Middle East region. All the Arrow systems performed as predicted intercepting and destroying the incoming threat.

The Arrow was developed jointly between the United States of America and Israel and currently is managed by the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) in close cooperation with the US MDA.

IAI is the prime contractor for the Arrow system consisting of the "Green Pine" fire control radar, "Citron Tree" battle management center, and the "Hazelnut Tree" launch control center. This fixed anti-ballistic defense system is currently in service with the Air Force of Israel.


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