Atlant-Soyuz Airlines Signs MoU for the Purchase of 30 An-148s and 15 Tu-204SMs

Released on Tuesday, June 16, 2009
ASTC - ANTONOV Aeronautical Science and Technical Complex
JSC - Joint Stock Company
MoU - Memorandum of Understanding
UAC - United Aircraft Corporation
On June 16th 2009 at the Paris Le Bourget Air Show, Mr. A.Rubtsov, Director General of Ilyushin Finince Co. JSC, Mr. A.Fedorov, President of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) JSC, and Mr. E.Bachurin, Director General of Atlant-Soyuz Airlines JSC (Russia), signed the Memorandum of Understanding on delivery of 30 AN-148 regional passenger jets and 15 Tu-204SM medium-range passenger airplanes under finance leasing conditions during 10 years. Mr. D.Kiva, General Designer of ANTONOV ASTC, and Mr. A.Boguslayev, President of Motor Sich JSC.

According to the signed document, the parties undertook to conclude the leasing contract until September 1, 2009. AN-148 aircraft will be delivered to the customer during 3 years from 2010. In 2010 the airlines intend to receive first 5 AN-148s of basic version. At present the company is considering the air routes for these airplanes. After that deliveries of 99-seat AN-158 to Atlant-Soyuz will be started.

Source: New customer of ANTONOV-148

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