BOWMAN Enters Service

Released on Monday, March 29, 2004
United Kingdom
UK - United Kingdom
The British Ministry of Defence has announced that the BOWMAN battlefield communications system has reached its initial operational capability ahead of schedule by UK armed forces.

BOWMAN provides secure voice and data communication services for the British Army and selected elements from the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force until at least 2025. The system was designed to be man-portable and for integration on air, sea and land platforms such as aircraft, warships and armored vehicles as well.

The BOWMAN has been delivered and is in service with three British military units. The first mechanized brigade converted to BOWMAN will undertake a further 15 months unit and collective performance training with the entire system reaching full war fighting readiness in 2006. The system is going to be delivered through an incremental approach.

The BOWMAN is the replacement for the Clansman secure military communications system. General Dynamics United Kingdom Ltd. was awarded the BOWMAN procurement contract in September 2001 worth £1.9 billion ($3.39 billion).


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