Bundeswehr Buys Wiesel 2 Mobile Command Post

Released on Thursday, July 8, 2004
CH-53D Sea Stallion
Rheinmetall has been awarded a €31 million (approximately $39 million) contract for the supply of 32 Wiesel 2 mobile command post vehicles for German Army/Bundeswehr special operations forces.

Deliveries of the 32 Wiesel 2 air droppable light armored vehicles will begin in 2005. Final deliveries are scheduled by 2007 with 16 additional vehicles options to be delivered in 2008.

This contract is added to a previous contract worth 4 million (approx. $5 million) awarded in April 2004 for 4 Wiesel 2 configured as combat engineer and reconnaissance vehicles.

The air droppable Wiesel 2, an improved model of Wiesel lightweight armored vehicle introduced in 1990, was introduced in 1996 and the mobile command post represents the sixth version ordered by the German Army. The latest version includes state-of-the-art electronics supporting decentralized command tasks and computer-supported operations. In addition, its lightweight armored chassis and all-terrain features allow rapid deployment of these vehicles through freighters or CH-53 helicopters to operate in a wide range of environments.

The Wiesel and Wiesel 2 along with other types of vehicles have been delivered to German Division of Special Operations (DSO) where they can demonstrate their airmobile operations suitability such as the fast deployment carried out in Afghanistan within the ISAF.


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