China Reveals YJ-12 Supersonic and YJ-100 Long-Range Anti-Ship Missiles

Released on Wednesday, February 4, 2015
PLAN - People's Liberation Army Navy
BEIJING, February 4 (ChinaMil) -- Photos of China's supersonic anti-ship missile "YJ-12" and long-range anti-ship cruise missile "YJ-100" were recently revealed online.

Someone analyzed that the warheads of the "YJ-12" and "YJ-100" have strong power. A single missile can paralyze or sink a warship weighing ten thousand tons.

Li Li, a military expert, during the China Central Television (CCTV) interview, said both missiles can cause a severe damage to enemy's large surface combat vessels. "The "YJ-12" and "YJ-100" can be regarded as an anti-ship duo," Li commented on the two missiles. The highlight of the "YJ-12" is not its range but speed. It can reach "Double Three" or "Double Four", namely a range of 300 kilometers at Mach 3 (1.02 kilometers per second) or a range of 400 kilometers at Mach 4 (1.36 kilometers per second). When the missile is launched at low altitude at the terminal attack stage and carries out hide-and-defense penetration at high speed, the enemy can barely response within a period of time.

In addition, the missile can carry a warhead of 400-500 kilograms. It will give a heavy strike to large surface vessels. And an operational range between 300-400 kilometers has reached the maximum air-defense range of the surface vessels. The formidable anti-ship ability of the "YJ-12" is the major concern of the United States.

The "YJ-100" is not a supersonic missile but has a long attack range. Li said that if the range of the "YJ-100" can reach as long as 800 kilometers, it will strike aircraft carrier and large surface targets in a long distance that beyond visual range and the enemy can hardly response properly.

If the range can reach 2,500 kilometers as same as that of American air-launched cruise missiles, it will do a great damage to enemy's large surface warships.

It is reported that the "YJ-12" will be launched from the H-6 strategic bomber and a new type JH-7B fighter bomber of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). In addition, the type-055 guided missile destroyer will be equipped with the "YJ-100" to promote its battle strength.

Li said that the H-6K is an upgraded version of the H-6 strategic bomber. It aims to carry cruise missiles under its wings to give long-range attack to large surface targets beyond the defense area. The JH-7B fighter bomber is essentially a see-through type FeiBao (fighter bomber) equipped with the "YJ-12" so as to strike air and sea targets simultaneously.

The type-055 destroyer will be used as one of the largest surface combat vessels, apart from the aircraft carrier, and must be a basic carrier of oversized large-scale missiles. The destroyer, on its front end and rear end respectively mounted with 64 vertical launching systems, can not only carry large-size anti-ship missiles like the "YJ-100", but can also carry missiles for different purposes, including anti-submarine and air-defense missiles.

Source: China's anti-ship missiles YJ-12 and YJ-100 revealed

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