China Unveils DF-41 ICBM

Released on Tuesday, October 1, 2019
ICBM - InterContinental Ballistic Missile
BEIJING, Oct. 1 (Xinhua) -- China unveiled Dongfeng-41 intercontinental strategic nuclear missiles, the country's most advanced and powerful deterrent, in a National Day military parade in central Beijing Tuesday.

A formation consisting of 16 new-type strategic nuclear missile launchers carrying Dongfeng-41 passed through Tian'anmen Square in the massive parade in celebration of the 70th founding anniversary of the People's Republic of China.

Dongfeng-41 missiles, the mainstay of China's strategic nuclear strength, play a vital role in strategic counterbalance, deterrent control and in winning decisive victory.

The formation is made up of two missile brigades from the rocket force.

Source: China unveils most advanced Dongfeng-41 intercontinental strategic nuclear missiles

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