Chinese ARJ21-700 Airliner Roll-Out

Released on Friday, December 21, 2007
ASTC - ANTONOV Aeronautical Science and Technical Complex
AVIC - China Aviation Industry Corporation
AVIC I - China Aviation Industry Corporation I
On December 21, 2007 ARJ 21 the new 70 seat regional jet manufactured by AVIC I Commercial Aircraft Co. Ltd. was rolled out. ANTONOV ASTC participated in the development of the airplane. In accordance with the contract concluded with the Chinese party ANTONOV specialists carried out complex design including aerodynamics one of supercritical wing, geometrical determination and integral analysis of the construction strength. They also performed necessary tests in the wind tunnel. Besides models of the wing, the models of the aircraft aggregates as wel as the models of the whole airliner were tested in the wind tunnel.

Delegation of ANTONOV ASTC headed by Mr. D.S.Kiva, General Designer, took part in the solemn ceremony of the roll out. Telling about this event D.S.Kiva noted: "We highly appreciate the positive experience of interaction with AVIC I within the limits of ARJ 21 project. This programme became one of the important stages of our long-term cooperation with the Chinese aircraft builders. Today we continue its development".

Source: Building of the first ARJ 21 designed with the participation of ANTONOV is completed

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