Czech Republic Becomes 10th Javelin Operator

Released on Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Czech Republic
FGM-148 Javelin
Javelin Block 0
CLU - Command Launch Unit
LOA - Letter of Agreement
The governments of the Czech Republic and the United States of America signed a Letter of Agreement (LOA) in April 2004 to provide the Javelin weapon system to the Czech Republic Army.

As a result of the LOA, The joint venture between Lockheed-Martin and Raytheon has been awarded a production contract from the Czech Republic. This is the nine international sale of Javelin anti-armor weapon system during the past two years. To date, the United States, Australia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Jordan, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Taiwan and the United Kingdom have selected Javelin weapon system.

The Javelin weapon system, which consists of Command Launch Unit (CLU) and the Javelin missile, has been proved successfully during recent conflicts such as Iraq (2003) and Afghanistan (2001). The weapon system has proven highly effective against battle tanks, armored personnel carriers, fortifications and bunkers during engagements carried out by US Army, Marines and Australian Army commandos.


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