DSNS Awarded Joint Logistic Support Ship Contract from Royal Netherlands Navy

Released on Friday, December 18, 2009
Karel Doorman
DMO - Defence Materiel Organisation
DSNS - Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding
HNLMS - Her Netherlands Majesty Ship
JSS - Joint Logistic Support Ship
MW - Mega Watt
On 18 December 2009, the Netherlands' Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) and Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS) signed a contract for the supply of a Joint Logistic Support Ship (JSS).

The Joint Logistic Support Ship will be built for the Royal Netherlands Navy, and will be delivered in July 2014.

The Joint Logistic Support Ship (JSS) replaces HNLMS "Zuiderkruis", a vessel which is already for 34 years in service in the Royal Netherlands Navy. The JSS fulfils the operational requirements of the Royal Netherlands Navy for a robust multi-functional platform specifically designed for maritime support, strategic sea lift and sea basing missions in open ocean as well as in littoral waters.

To that end, the JSS has the disposal of capacities for replenishment at sea, for storing supplies, for loading and unloading of supplies, for transport of materiel and personnel, and for extensive medical, technical and logistic support.

The construction of the vessel will largely take place at Damen Shipyard Galati under supervision of DSNS, whereas the complete engineering, purchasing of material packages, final systems outfitting, commissioning and testing of the vessel and all of her systems will take place at DSNS's premises in Vlissingen.

The contract marks the ongoing, intensive relation between the Royal Netherlands Navy and DSNS over many decades. It also highlights the outstanding reputation of DSNS as a major naval shipbuilder of amphibious support and naval auxiliary vessels.

About the Joint Logistic Support Ship

The JSS has been designed to operate both in the lower and higher levels of the force spectrum, and measures 205 meter in length and 30 meter in breadth. Total displacement is 28.000 tonnes.

The vessel accommodates 150 crew and up to 150 non-listed persons, such as helicopter crew and medical teams. Further large areas for evacuees can be arranged.

The ship's speed is approx. 18 knots. The diesel-electric propulsion plant consists of 2 main electric motors of approx 9000 kW each, two shaftlines with Fixed Pitch Propeller, and two bow and one stern thruster. Electric generation by means of 5 diesel generator sets of approx. 25 MW in total.

The JSS has 2000 lanemeters for transport of materiel, a helicopter deck with landing spots for operating two Chinooks, and a hangar with a storage capacity of upto 6 helicopters.

The JSS has the facilities for loading and unloading operations of materiel and goods in harbours, near the shore or at open sea : two Replenishment-At-Sea masts, an elevator and crane for up to 40 tons, a roll on/roll off facility for vehicles, and a steel beach stern construction for accommodating cargo transfer via landing craft.

Automation level for this vessel is high, and includes a.o. a calamity system, a warning system, an overview system and extensive subsystem automation.

In order to reduce the vulnerability, the vessel will be outfitted with signature reduction measures, ballistic protection, blast resistant constructions, redundant and shock resistant systems, a gas citadel, and extensive fire fighting systems.

For self defence purposes the weapon suit consists of two Goalkeepers, two 30 mm automatic guns, and four automatic medium calibre gun systems.

Also the communication and networks are state of the art, tailored to operate in a joint network environment. Sensors, weapon- and communication systems are government furnished equipment.

Source: DSNS awarded with contract JSS for Royal Netherlands Navy

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