Danish Combat Support Ships to Get Millennium Gun System

Released on Thursday, November 4, 2004
ABM - Air Burst Munition
CSS - Combat Support Ship
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
The Naval Material Command of the Royal Danish Navy has awarded a procurement contract with Oerlikon Contraves, a Rheinmetall subsidiary, for Millennium gun system, which includes 35mm Millennium cannon and 35mm Ahead Air Burst Munition (ABM).

The Millenium cannons will be installed on the new Combat Support Ships (CSS) of the Royal Danish Navy providing close-in air defense. Each ship will feature two cannons, one forward of the bridge and one aft on the helicopter hangar roof. Both weapons will be controlled by the Saab CEROS fire control system and the ship's command management system provided by Terma.

The Millennium guns will fulfill the inner layer defense role coupled with Ahead 35mm air burst ammunition, which will be responsible for defeating both symmetric and asymmetric surface and air threats as a multi-role weapon system.

The order placed by the Naval Material Command turns Denmark into the seventh NATO operator for both the Millennium 35/1000 revolver cannon and Ahead 35mm air burst munition. Together, these two items, can match the challenge posed by high demanding modern operational scenarios, including terrorism.

Initially four gun systems will be procured by Denmark to equip two Combat Support Ships, but the final number of vessels to be procured by the Royal Danish Navy could increase the order for Millennium gun systems. Additionally, the Royal Danish Navy retains options for further gun systems to equip the patrol vessel program, which is a derivative of the CSS design.


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