Denmark Purchases Lemur Remote Weapon Stations

Released on Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Eagle IV
Piranha III 8x8
Remote Weapons Station
DALO - Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistic Organisation
SEK - Swedish Krona
KARLSKOGA, Sweden - BAE Systems has received a SEK 330 million (approximately $50 million) contract from the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistic Organisation to provide the Remotely Controlled Weapon Station to the armed forces' newly purchased vehicles, Piranha III and Eagle IV.

"LEMUR is a system that uses the latest technology for soldiers in all scenarios, day-night and into UN operations around the globe for the Danish forces in order to protect the user from being exposed outside the vehicle," said BAE Systems product director Tomas Erlandsson.

Deliveries will begin in May 2007 and are expected to be completed by fall 2008. All assembly, final testing and delivery will take place at the DALO workshop in Hjörring and Fredrikshamn Denmark.

LEMUR is a fully stabilized remotely controlled weapon station that can fit either a 12.7 mm machine gun or a 40 mm grenade launcher. The system is equipped with a thermal infrared camera coupled with a day camera and laser range finder.

The system is splinter protected and operated by a gunner through a color display and a two-hand control handle. The system can carry 300 rounds of 12.7 mm or 48 rounds of 40 mm ready to fire.

According to Erlandsson, the system is also modular designed in order to fit applications from wheeled or tracked combat vehicles to naval protection system and as a sensor and fire control system for other weapons.


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