EADS Chosen to Supply F125 Frigate Combat management system

Released on Friday, March 10, 2006
F124 Sachsen
F125 Baden-Wurttemberg
K130 Braunschweig
ANCS - Advanced Naval Combat System
EADS has been chosen by the "Workgroup for the F125 Frigate" to supply the command & control and weapons deployment system (Führungs- und Waffeneinsatzsystem - FüWES) for the next generation of the German Navy surface ship. The "Workgroup for the F125 Frigate" is made up of the shipyards ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems and Friedrich Lürssen Werft. The contract with EADS is for the development and delivery of the complete software, hardware and infrastructure as well as the performance verification for all four ships.

The command & control and weapons deployment system (FüWES) is based on the cutting-edge technology used for the Advanced Naval Combat System (ANCS) which is already being successfully used on the "Fast Attac" craft of the "Hamina" class in Finland. In addition, the EADS software components already successfully deployed on the F124 frigates and the K130 corvettes will be extensively used for the system solution of the F125.

The F125 frigate is the primary ship class of the German Navy, which is being procured specifically for joint assignments in a multinational environment of network-centric operations management. This new ship class can counteract asymmetric threat scenarios and therefore guarantee the highest possible degree of safety for the ship and its crew. With the selection of the command & control and weapons deployment system (FüWES), with its consistently open and modular structure making it extremely flexible, decisive steps have been taken regarding the course that the German Navy is taking.


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