EADS, DCNS and Rohde & Schwarz Receive Go-Ahead to Implement RIFAN Stage 2 for French Navy

Released on Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Charles de Gaulle
Rafale M
CMR - Capacité de Management de Réseau
DGA - Délégation Générale pour l'Armement
DIRISI - Direction Interarmées des Réseaux d'Infrastructure et des Systèmes d'Information
EADS - European Aeronautic Defence and Space
IP - Internet Protocol
OCM - On-Condition Maintenance
RIFAN - Réseau IP de la Force Aéronavale
After having been awarded the RIFAN (Réseau IP de la Force Aéronavale) stage 2 contract in 2008 and completed the preliminary design phase, EADS Defence & Security as prime contractor and DCNS and Rohde & Schwarz as co-contractors have now received the go-ahead from the French defence procurement agency DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement) to implement the system and provide initial support.

The objective of this contract is to design, implement and deploy an updated version of the IP communication network for the French Naval Aviation force. It includes an initial three-year on-condition maintenance (OCM) agreement and identifies conditional phases of recurrent annual OCM over five supplementary years.

The phases recently launched by the DGA, valued at nearly € 50 million in total, comprise two steps: one is to design in detail / realise the RIFAN stage 2 system and produce the installation files, and the other is to validate the system and provide initial logistics support.

These steps will enable the DGA to commission the system's deployment on all target ships from mid-year onwards in line with the French Navy's requirements.

RIFAN stage 2 is part of a logic for digitising the operational space of the French Naval Aviation force and is one of the steps in the ongoing process to improve the force's information exchange capabilities.

It will implement the Navy's intentions to continue realising the concept of network-enhanced operations and optimise the broadband data exchange capabilities of the information systems for onboard staff.

RIFAN stage 2 is intended to boost the operational efficiency of the Navy's communication networks by increasing their interoperability with other joint networks in the military structure of France and its allies.

The French Naval Aviation force's network is operated by the interforces directorate for defence infrastructure networks and information systems DIRISI (Direction Interarmées des Réseaux d'Infrastructure et des Systèmes d'Information). RIFAN stage 2 will also introduce a redundant network management capability (Capacité de Management de Réseau - CMR) designed for supervising and managing the constituent equipment of the French Naval Aviation force's network from two land-based sites. Thanks to EADS' security cockpit technology, these sites will also have an overview of security-related incidents and will be able to monitor and control the confidentiality, integrity and availability of operational data.

Source: EADS Defence & Security, DCNS and Rohde & Schwarz consortium receives go-ahead from DGA to implement RIFAN armaments programme, stage 2, for French Navy

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