EMPAR Multifunction Radar Development Progresses Well

Released on Tuesday, October 5, 2004
Aster 15
Aster 30
Conte di Cavour
AMS - Alenia Marconi Systems
FSAF - Future Surface-to-Air Family
PAAMS - Principal Anti-Air Missile System
SAAM - Surface-to-Air Anti-Missile
Alenia Marconi Systems (AMS) has announced that the EMPAR project has reached a new milestone with the integration of the first multifunction radar system onboard the Italian Navy experimental ship Carabiniere after completing factory acceptance tests at the company's site in Fusaro (Naples), Italy.

EMPAR multifunctional radar now installed onboard Carabiniere experimental ship will undergo qualification of the PAAMS-EMPAR air defense system intended for the Horizon frigate program. The first firing acceptance test of the PAAMS-EMPAR air defense system is scheduled for the end of 2005. Horizon program will deliver four air defense frigates to Italy and France, two ships each.

In addition, AMS also completed installation of the command and control system for the PAAMS-EMPAR fire control system at the Horizon program integration facilities in Toulon, France. The corresponding qualification test program has already started for the EMPAR fire control system. The EMPAR multifunction radar and the command and control system are the basis for the Horizon combat management system.

The ERMPAR is the primary sensor for the SAAM and PAAMS ship-based air defense systems, which utilize the FSAF family of missiles comprising Aster 15 (SAAM and PAAMS) and longer range Aster 30 (only PAAMS). To date, EMPAR sensor has been selected for the Conte di Cavour Italian Navy aircraft carrier and the four Horizon-class frigates, these ships are right now under construction and will be commissioned before the end of the decade.

EMPAR is a G-band multifunction phased array radar designed to provide surface ships with advanced air defense capabilities against 21st century airborne threats such as supersonic aircraft, supersonic anti-ship missiles and cruise missiles. The radar antenna rotates at 60 rpm performing surveillance, tracking and weapons fire control simultaneously in severe conditions of clutter and jamming. The EMPAR was qualified in December 2002 for operation by French and Italian Navies with SAAM-IT air defense system.


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