Elta Systems Group Awarded $130 Million in New Contracts for a Variety of Elta Products

Released on Thursday, February 14, 2008
COMINT - Communications Intelligence
COMJAM - Communications Jamming
ELINT - Electronic Intelligence
EOB - Electronic Order of Battle
IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries
SATCOM - Satellite Communication
SIGINT - Signal Intelligence
Elta Systems, a group and subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), has announced a series of contracts totaling $130 million to a variety of international customers:

Elta Systems was awarded $67 million in contracts by customers who decided to upgrade their existing airborne SIGINT capabilities

The customers decided to upgrade their existing airborne SIGINT capabilities with advanced solutions developed by Elta. Elta is manufacturing advanced multi-platform SIGINT systems designed to meet the challenges of today's battlefield. Elta's systems have airborne and ground segments enabling operation from ground centers via line-of-sight and SATCOM communication links. The main purpose of the upgraded system is to build up a real-time Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) picture to provide tactical intelligence to all echelons involved decision making.

Latin American customers have awarded Elta $40 million in contract for a compact multi-sensor reconnaissance system installed on light aircraft

The system is designed to perform homeland security missions as well as drug interdiction and prevention of other illegal activities. The basic system includes COMINT/DF, electro-optical imaging, communication systems and operator workstations. Optional systems such as COMJAM, ESM/ELINT, synthetic aperture radar, maritime surveillance radar, can also be installed. The Elta compact multi-sensor recon system can be installed on a variety of light aircraft.

A $13 million contract for "On-The-Move" terminals has been awarded to Elta Systems

These terminals are part of a SATCOM (satellite communications) network that operates within the footprint of a geo-stationary satellite. The moving subscriber's antenna is tracking the satellite thus allowing uninterrupted over-the-horizon wideband communications that can include voice, data and digitized compressed video. SATCOM terminals can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of platforms including fighter aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, ships and ground vehicles.

Elta has received two contracts totaling $10 million for its 3D tactical air defense radar

This radar was designed to support surface-to-air weapon systems for short-range air defense missions. The radar detects a wide variety of flying platforms including low-level fighter aircraft, hovering helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and gliders. The radar can differentiate among the targets and even classify helicopter types. Several radars can be linked to provide an integrated air surveillance picture for a local air defense and control center that manages target designation to various Surface-to Air (SA) weapon systems. Additional orders are expected for this advanced radar which has received high praise from customers for its cost/performance results.

Source: Israel Aerospace Industries' Elta Systems Group Awarded $130 Million in New Contracts for a Variety of Elta Products

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