Elta Systems Sells Several EL/M-2106NG Air Defense Radars to Undisclosed Customer

Released on Monday, June 18, 2007
EL/M 2106 ATAR 3D
IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries
MANPADS - Man Portable Air Defense Systems
SHORAD - Short Range Air Defense
UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
ELTA Systems Ltd, an IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd) wholly owned subsidiary, has recently received from an international customer a USD7.5 million contract for the supply of several EL/M-2106NG Tactical Air Defense Radars to be used for Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) applications.

The 3-D radar has the unique capability to detect a wide range of airborne target types. These types include low level, high speed fighter aircraft, hovering helicopters, low velocity ultra-light aircraft and UAVs as well. The radar, through its accurate 3-D measurement capability can discriminate between helicopters and aircraft, while simultaneously classifying the helicopter type by its blade return.

The system is interoperable with surface-to-air weapon systems including MANPADS. The EL/M-2106NG has a variety of applications and can also be used as an air defense gap-filler and as a local air defense system for convoy protection. In the words of the customer: "This system, due to its variety of applications and interoperability characteristics provides us with many cost effective deployment options."

The EL/M-2106NG is the latest generation of a product family with a long and proud heritage including a variety of applications and sales to many of the leading defense establishments in the world.

Source: ELTA Systems wins a Contract for its 4th Generation of Tactical Air Defense Radars - the EL/M-2106NG

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