Eurofighter Deploys to Sweden to Experience Cold Temperatures

Released on Thursday, December 9, 2004
Typhoon T
IPA - Instrumented Production Aircraft
MIDS - Multiple Information Distribution System
UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
EADS has announced that the Eurofighter Instrumented Production Aircraft 4 (IPA) 4 operated by EADS-CASA at Getafe, near Madrid in Spain, has been deployed to Vidsel near the Polar Circle in Sweden to undergo extreme cold weather trials until mid-February 2005.

The Spanish IPA4 aircraft is expected to face permanently temperatures ranging from -25 Celsius to -31 Celsius, which means a striking cold weather compared to Spanish climate. Along with the Eurofighter-Typhoon test aircraft, the Spanish Air Force has deployed 50 staff members to participate in the tests program over the next two months.

within Eurofighter development program, EADS CASA is responsible for all environmental tests, including their performance and validation. Recently, Eurofighter IPA4 was upgraded to include the latest equipment being developed and demonstrated trustworthy for the aircraft type as well as the the instrumentation required for the environmental testing. In support of this the ground and flight testing campaign, EADS CASA has deployed a monitoring ground station called MIDS to Vidsel.

During the series of tests scheduled until February, EADS CASA will demonstrate full suitability of all aircraft's systems and subsystems when operating at extreme low temperature. Furthermore, this experience will help define the best maintenance and operational procedures in such an environment. The tests series will focus on: alert mode operations, power-up, electrical system evaluation, hydraulic fluid behavior, liquid conditioning vest and environmental control system operations, fuel system operations, landing gear actuations, loading and unloading of external stores.

Vidsel air force base is being used to test allied nations aircraft performance at extreme temperatures and different humidity rates. Current and future European Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) programs are scheduled to carry out environmental testing at Vidsel. The same site is also employed by Sweden and partner nations as a missile test range called 'Missile Test Range North'.


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