FMS: Egypt Seeks C-130Hs, CH-47Ds and Fast Attack Boats

Released on Thursday, July 8, 2004
C-130H Hercules
CH-47D Chinook
Mk-31 RAM
FMS - Foreign Military Sale
The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has notified the US Congress of a series of potential foreign military sales (FMS) to Egypt consisting of fixed-, rotary-wing aircraft and fast missile crafts with an estimated total value of $767 million.

On 6 July 2004, the government of Egypt requested a possible FMS to upgrade three CH-47C Chinook cargo/transport helicopters to the -D configuration. The total value could be as high as $108 million including eight T55-L-712 turbine engines, spare and repair parts, support equipment, publications and technical data, communications equipment, related services, etc.

On 7 July 2004, the government of Egypt requested a possible sale of three C-130H Hercules aircraft to support its C-130s fleet used for airlifting of military forces and supplies. The sale, including related services and equipment, is worth $94 million.

On 8 July 2004, the government of Egypt requested a possible sale of three fast missile crafts (watercrafts?), three 76mm 62-caliber Mk 75 dual purpose guns with super rapid kits and three Mk 31 mod 3 Rolling Airframe Missile weapon systems as well as related related installation services and equipment. The total value of this sale could be as high as $565 million.

The fast missile craft is the most important issue providing the Egyptian Navy with new deep and shallow water defensive protection for the approaches to the Suez Canal. Moreover, these ships can be used to protect Egypt's coastal areas.

The prime contractor for the CH-47 upgrade would be Boeing, Lockheed-Martin would take account of the C-130H purchase, and Vision Technology-Marine of Gulfport Mississippi will be responsible for the fast missile craft deal.

There are no known offset agreements in connection with these proposed foreign military sales. The negotiations between the parties should be concluded following Congress approval.


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