Finland Signs Contract on C-295 Aircraft

Released on Monday, May 15, 2006
The Finnish Air Force today signed the contract with EADS CASA to purchase two (2) C-295 military transport aircraft, with an option to purchase a further five (5).

Col. Ossi Koskela, Chief of Aircraft and Weapon System, and Aatos Kaukinen, Chief of Procurement Branch, signed on behalf of the Finnish Air Force, in the presence of Major Gral. Heikki Lyytinen, Commamder in Chief of the Finnish Air Force, and Brigadier General Jarkko Numminen, Chief of Finnish Air Force Headquarters, while EADS CASA was represented by its Chairman, Francisco Fernández Sáinz.

With the signature of this contract, the C-295 will be operating in four European countries: Poland, Spain, Portugal and Finland, making it the most popular and extensively sold medium military transport aircraft in Europe.

Contracts for the C-295 have also been signed with the air forces of Jordan, Brazil and Algeria, with total sales of 52 aircraft, of which 25 are already in service.


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