First COBRA Radar Delivered to the French Army

Released on Thursday, March 25, 2004
United Kingdom
OCCAR - Organisme Conjoint De Cooperation En Matiere D'Armament
The EURO-ART consortium (EADS, Thales, and Lockheed-Martin) has delivered the first production COunter Battery RAdar (COBRA) for the French Armed Forces.

Initially, the first COBRA highly mobile multifunctional weapon location radar system will be used for training, exercises and peacetime trials. France ordered 10 COBRAs with final deliveries due in late 2006. Germany will receive its first COBRA in spring 2004. The United Kingdom is continuing its trials and evaluation of the system.

France, Germany and the United Kingdom have ordered the COBRA weapon location radar system through the OCCAR agency totaling 29 radar systems.

The COBRA consists of an all-terrain truck, an active phased array antenna, and state-of-the-art electronics. It is designed to detect and classify small cross section targets across the entire battlefield to pinpoint hostile enemy positions and perform friendly fire registration as well.

In addition, the French armaments procurement agency (DGA) awarded EADS a €200 million ($251 million) contract for the supply of additional SIR regimental information systems.

Under this contract, EADS will be responsible for production of 131 command post vehicles, 230 lightweight SIR kits intended for French Army Captains, and 35 mobile kits to be used on vehicles or under shelters. To date, 441 command post vehicles have been ordered by the French Army and 78 light and heavy command post vehicles already delivered will be upgraded under this new contract.

The French Army plans to install the SIR main tactical information system in over 900 vehicles. Recently, EADS delivered the 100th SIR near-real time, network centric information system to the French Army.


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