First Mader 1 A5 Handed Over

Released on Monday, January 20, 2003
Marder 1
IFV - Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Rheinmetall handed over the first reinforced Marder 1 A5 IFV to the German Army during a ceremony in Kassel, Germany. Rheinmetall will supply 74 of these vehicles to the Bundeswehr.

The latest variant of the Marder 1 A3 vehicle has been modified to provide a highly effective protection against landmines.

Due Bundeswehr involvement in world trouble spots like Kosovo, there was an urgent need for military vehicles with specially mission oriented anti-mines features.

Marder 1 A5 will be supplied to the German Army beginning in 2003 through 2005. This order is worth about €88 million.

The Marder 1 A5 retrofit is based on a combined anti-mine protection approach that guards the vehicle from produce explosively formed projectiles when detonated

The vehicle modification entails additional armor. To correct this extra weight, Marder 1 A5 is provided with a new running gear. All components previously attached to the floor will now be mounted elsewhere, in order to protect the occupants from landmine detonation.


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