First Production Ka-62 Helicopter Makes First Flight

Released on Thursday, May 25, 2017
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
On May 25, a flight model of the newest Ka-62 helicopter made its first flight at the flight-test center of Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company, a Russian Helicopters subsidiary, part of State Corporation Rostec.

After completing all updates during ground races and hovering flights, the Ka-62 flight model made a 15-minute orbit flight at the speed of 110 kmph, as specified in the test program.

Test pilots of the leading developer of the Ka-62, Kamov Design Bureau, made an assessment of the helicopter's general performance and checked the operation of its primary power supply system, airborne equipment, and a power unit. "Today's flight tests showed that we have successfully finished all necessary updates of the pre-production stage based on the results of the preceding steps of the program aimed at commissioning of the helicopter. In particular, we have checked the helicopter stability and controllability, as well as its main systems and assemblies," said Russian Helicopters CEO Andrey Boginsky.

The Ka-62 flight model made its first takeoff in April of last year. Under the commissioning program, Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company and Kamov Design Bureau specialists have been gradually running more and more complicated tests of the flight model to check its systems and equipment more thoroughly. Once the tests under this program are finished, the helicopter will participate in preliminary, and then in certification ground and flight tests. As of today, the company has produced several more Ka-62 experimental models.

The Ka-62's specific feature is a wide use of modern materials in its design including polymer composites, high-tensile aluminum, titanium alloys and steel. The volume of components made from polymer composites takes up to 60% of the helicopter's weight, which decreases its total weight when empty, and, consequently, boosts its speed, maneuverability and lifting capacity, as well as decreases fuel consumption. The helicopter airframe is notable for its aerodynamic bodylines, spacious transport and passenger cabin and a three-post tailwheel landing gear.

Its other features include is a single-rotor design with a multi-blade anti-torque rotor ducted into the vertical tail fin. The helicopter has a five-bladed main rotor, two hydraulic systems, heavy-duty wheeled landing gear, wreck-resistant fuel system and a unique bird-resistant transparency.

The Ka-62 helicopter is designed for passenger transportation, offshore work, urgent medical aid, search-and-rescue operations, transportation of cargo in its cabin or sling-loaded, patrolling and ecological monitoring. Due to its high service ceiling and high engine power-to-weight ratio, the Ka-62 is also capable of performing search-and-rescue and evacuation operations in mountainous areas.

Source: Ka-62 makes its first flight

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