First Qualification Firing of SAMP/T

Released on Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Aster 30
CELM - Centre d'Essais des Landes
km - kilometre
The first qualification firing of the Franco-Italian Aster 30 SAMP/T ground-based, medium range air defence system took place at the Landais test range belonging to the French DGA's (Délégation Générale pour l'Armement) CELM (Centre d'Essais de Lancement de Missiles) missile testing facility.

This qualification firing marks the first ever combined use of all the SAMP/T's system elements: the target engagement module, the ARABEL radar and target identification module, the vertical launcher and the Aster 30 munition.

The firing scenario was set up to demonstrate the capacity of the SAMP/T system to intercept a threat posed by a combat aircraft, in this case simulated by a C-22 target flying at an altitude of 7,000 metres.

The firing was an unqualified success with all test objectives achieved: Target acquisition and tracking by the ARABEL radar; Target engagement by the fire control unit; Munition firing; Updating of target coordinates to the missile in flight; In-flight target lock-on by the Aster 30 munition's seeker; Interception of the target at a range of 26 km and an altitude of 7,000 metres.

Beyond these objectives, Aster 30 made a direct hit on the target, which further demonstrates the extreme precision of this ammunition. This firing follows on from the recent Aster 30 munition test firing which took place earlier this year on 1st June.


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