First upgraded Su-25SM attack aircraft handed over to the Russian Air Force

Released on Thursday, December 28, 2006
The Russian Air Force has taken delivery of the first six upgraded production Su-25SM attack aircraft at a handover ceremony taking place today at Aircraft Repair Plant #121 in Kubinka, near. The ceremony was attended by Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force General of Army Vladimir Mikhailov, who said that the Air Force would receive no less than six upgraded production Su-25SMs in 2007. "No less than six operational Su-25s will undergo production upgrading in 2007 and another eight in he said. According to him, a total of two air regiments will be equipped with upgraded Su-25SMs in the coming years.

In his words following the upgrade, "these aircraft, which are currently 17-18 years old, will be able to remain in service for another 30 years or more."

He believes the upgraded Su-25SM attack aircraft has reached 4+ generation aircraft capabilities. "As a result of the upgrade, we've received a 4+ generation aircraft able to handle 3.5 times more missions than the basic Su- said the commander-in-chief. Particularly, the attack aircraft has now acquired the capability to carry the medium-range R-73 missile with a range of up to.

Mikhailov added that the Su-25SM would be first handed over to the Air Force Pilot Training / in. "There, our best training specialists will 'teach' these aircraft fighting and learn their employment procedures for various engagement conditions," he said. "Then all the six planes will be handed over to a permanent readiness regiment deployed in Budennovsk."

Source: First upgraded Su-25SM attack aircraft handed over to the Russian Air Force

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