Four Additional Su-34 Fighter Bombers Handed Over to Russian Air Force

Released on Tuesday, December 28, 2010
NAPO - Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association
December 28, Moscow. The Russian Air Force today received four new Su-34 fighter-bombers.

The planes arrived to the Lipetsk Center of Combat Training of the Air Force. The full-scale production of Su-34s was started in 2008 at a Novosibirsk-based aircraft-manufacturing plant - NAPO, a subsidiary of the Sukhoi Aircraft Holding. A long-term state contract for the delivery of Su-34s to the Russian Air Force was signed in 2008 between the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the Sukhoi Company.

The new fighter-bomber is a two-seat medium-haul strike aircraft fitted with twin afterburning turbofan engines.

The Su-34 is a 4+ generation aircraft. It can effectively engage ground, sea and air targets in all weathers and during the day or night using a wide range of combat munitions, including precision guided munitions.

The Su-34 has an active-safety system with artificial-intelligence elements. This system enables the crew to combat maneuver and to deliver precise strikes on several targets at the same time.

The airplane has enlarged capacity internal fuel tanks for long practical unrefueled flight.

The Su-34's long range was shown in a July this year "Vostok-2010" exercise when Su-34s were moved from the European part of Russia to the Russian Far East with in-flight refueling and further strike missions.

The aircraft's combat power potential is to be increased soon with new munitions.

Source: Russian Air Force receives 4 new Su-34 fighter-bombers

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