France Orders Felin Land Warrior System

Released on Thursday, March 4, 2004
CCD-TV - Charge-Coupled Device Television
FELIN - Fantassin à équipements et liaisons intégrées
The French Armaments Procurement Agency (DGA) awarded Sagem a €796 million ($998 million) contract for development, engineering and production of Felin land warrior system in support of the French Army modernization initiative.

This contract includes 22,600 Felin systems to be delivered to 20 French Army infantry regiments, plus approximately 9,000 additional Felin systems to equip dismounted troops of the armored cavalry, artillery and engineering units.

The first French Felin-equipped regiment is scheduled for 2007, with around 66% of French infantry units outfitted with Felin land warrior equipment slated for late 2008.

Felin equipment has been designed to achieve an outstanding combat effectiveness thanks to its implementation into the digitized battlefield. In fact, it is a weapon system built-up around the infantryman that will extend engagement ranges double than current systems, while operating at night and relaying real-time data, video and imagery to the command post.

In addition, Felin will provide enhanced protection against ballistic shells, NBC agents and adverse climate conditions. Its lightweight design will allow the French infantrymen to move fast.

The Felin weapon system consists of FAMAS assault rifle, MINIMI machine gun, FRF2 precision carbine, light intensification goggles, infrared goggles, CCD-TV sensors mounted on the infantryman and FAMAS rifle, helmet-mounted display and communications suite, mission computer featuring USB 2.0 ports, individual power cells, and the protection dress.

An infrared device covering day/night rangefinder and situational awareness functions will be provided to Felin platoon chiefs as well as a PDA-like device to communicate through an encrypted channel with the command post and receive tactical information.

According to the French Ministry of Defense, FELIN will be the first land warrior system to enter in service in Europe.


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