France Orders Second Syracuse III Satellite

Released on Friday, January 16, 2004
Charles de Gaulle
Syracuse III
The French Armaments Procurement Agency DGA placed an order with Alcatel Space for the second Syracuse 3B Communications satellite. This orders belongs to a previous contract between DGA and Alcatel Space signed in late 2000.

Alcatel Space will be responsible for Syracuse 3B satellite production, ground segment support for Syracuse III network, put into orbit operation on Ariane 5 rocket in late 2005, and long term logistics support for Syracuse III network through 2018.

The contract awarded by DGA to Alcatel Space in late 2000 comprises 2 Syracuse 3 satellites to be operated simultaneously, and up to 600 receiver/emitter units ranging from man-portable models to ship-mounted models such as the Syracuse station on Charles de Gaulle carrier.

Syracuse 3 contract is worth €2 billion (approximately $2.5 billion).

The Syracuse III will provide secure worldwide communications liaison between French military forces deployed overseas and French national authorities, as well as communications among military forces.

Syracuse III satellites have been designed to replace current Syracuse II network providing 10 times greater performance over Syracuse II satellites.


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