French MoD Launches MOIE SIC Terre program

Released on Wednesday, January 12, 2005
SIC 21
DGA - Délégation Générale pour l'Armement
MoD - Ministry of Defence
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
DGA, the French Defense Procurement Agency, awarded Thales and EADS DCS a 230 million Euro ($300 million) contract as joint industrial prime contractors for the MOIE SIC Terre program. The contract covers development work on the networked system for the French Army.

Thales, as lead contractor, will assume 70 percent stake and EADS will assume the remaining 30 percent. MOIE SIC Terre program will focus on digitization of the battlefield providing increased effectiveness by networking all the players in the battlespace and speeding up overall process. It is expected that key capabilities provided by SIC Terre will facilitate automation information exchange; controlled networking of all information at all levels of the command chain; and enhanced interoperability within French, multinational and NATO forces.

All French Army's communications and information systems will be connected through MOIE SIC Terre common shared technical platform. Furthermore, such a platform will guarantee interoperability between existing and future French Army's systems, the same will apply to other nations systems. Total cost of ownership will be optimized through the new platform and deployment of expeditionary forces out of area will also benefit from the capabilities provided by SIC Terre.

Under the terms of the contract, Thales and EADS DSC will integrate SIC Terre into 14 existing communications and information systems while significantly improving the capabilities of the command chain. The new platform will incorporate the latest information, security and IP communication technologies. Based on this common platform technology, the program contractors will develop the next generation command and control systems (SICF) for the French Army's major units.

MOIE SIC Terre will leverage ATTILA study, which was conducted by Thales oriented to define a new, unified IP-based technology communications architecture. The same recommendations and solutions provided by ATTILA have been adopted for the French Navy's SIC 21 program.


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