French Navy Receives a New Ballistic Submarine

Released on Friday, November 26, 2004
Le Triomphant
CCPE - Commission Permanente des Programmes et Essais
DGA - Délégation Générale pour l'Armement
DCN delivered the third Le Triomphant-class ballistic submarine, named Le Vigilant (see picture), to naval programs service of DGA (French defense procurement agency) on behalf of the French Navy November 19. The vessel was cleared and accepted for active service November 26.

The DGA has signed the acceptance agreement following the approval from French Navy's Testing and Programs Permanent Commission for CCPE. CCPE supervised that performance sea trials were accomplished successfully and the submarine design meets quality standards required by the French Navy.

Le Triomphant nuclear-powered ballistic submarine (SSBN) program launched in the 1990s covers construction of four boats to replace aging strategic submarines still deployed within the French Navy. DGA represents the French government and DCN plays the prime contractor and systems integrator role. The first boat of this class was commissioned in 1997 and the fourth ship, named Le Terrible, is expected to be commissioned by the French Navy in 2010.

Le Vigilant crew is now undergoing training to enter operational cycle aboard the ship as soon as possible, while DCN is preparing to equip the boat with 16 M45 nuclear capable ballistic missiles, which are a critical element of the French nuclear deterrent force. Le Vigilant will replace L'Indomptable ballistic submarine, currently deployed by the French Navy, which will be decommissioned in 2005.

This decision goes after the French Navy award of a contract worth €330 million to DCN, in late October, to provide maintenance work, upgrades and other related services in support of the French ballistic submarine fleet over the next five years.


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