G6-52, Denel's Latest and Most Advanced Artillery System

Released on Wednesday, March 19, 2003
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
Seeker II
UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
South Africa's Minister of Defense, Mr. Mosiuoa Lekota, unveiled Denel's G6-52 advanced artillery system at the IDEX 2003 defense exhibition in the United Arab Emirates.

The G6-52 self-propelled howitzer resembles the well renowned 155mm G6 artillery system. However, Denel is promoting G6-52 as an entirely new designed system due its awesome capabilities.

Firing a Denel developed V-LAP rocket assisted projectile, the G6-52 has a range of almost 70 kilometers or 37 nautical mile. Most of the self-propelled howitzers currently fielded are unable to reach targets 50 kilometers away.

Automated ammunition handling, with automated fuze setting, increases the rate of fire to at least 8 rounds per minute.

Crew workload is further reduced by means of automated systems that records and updates the state of the inventory as each shot is fired.

Multiple rounds (up to 6) can be fired to impact simultaneously on the same target by means of the G6-52's advanced AS2000 artillery target engagement system.

The G6-52 can be ready to fire its first round within 45 seconds of stopping, and move away to avoid counter-fire after completion of the firing mission within 30 seconds.

This howitzer relies on the Seeker II UAV, also developed by Denel, to engage potential targets in real time.


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